What can my business do to help?

  1. Be proactive!
    Lead the way, stop buying single use plastic straws. Go for none at all or use paper straws instead!
  2. It’s not just straws!
    We would love you to commit to minimising all the single-use plastic that you buy, sell and use. This can mean something as simple as replacing single-use plastic cups at the water-fountain with reusable cups or encouraging staff to bring reusable bottles to work with them.
  3. Get in touch!
    Let us know that you are taking part in this initiative. We can help you find suppliers, we will give you a certificate to display and a window sticker to tell the world you are doing your bit! We will also give you a shout out over social media and on our website here.
  4. Sponsor a SeaBin, Beach Clean board or film screening!
    Please contact us about sponsoring an event, coming to a beach clean or sponsoring one of our high profile beach clean boards or SeaBins.
  5. Shout about it!
    Tell your customers. Tell colleagues. Tell other businesses. Spread the word and help us to get the message out. Taking part in this cause is something to be really proud about!