I’d like to donate!

Our Final Straw Campaign has already exceeded our expectations, the appetite to help by the local community and most local businesses has been incredible. So far, we have been personally funding the materials we provide to our accredited businesses, and other running costs of the initiative. But we can’t really do this longterm.

If you would like to help support us and keep the initiative going, you can donate to the Final Straw. Any money raised will go towards the following:

  • Supporting materials for businesses – information packs, membership window stickers, certificates
  • School outreach programme – materials to give out in schools with information about practical family ways of reducing our consumption of single-use plastics
  • Beach clean-up kit – gloves, litter pickers, bin bags
  • Fishing nets for Emsworth Mill Pond – to allow walkers and visitors to easily remove litter and plastic rubbish from our beautiful Mill Pond

We donate our time to run this project – all the team are squeezing it in around families, work and other commitments. We are not being paid in any way, nor do we expect to be.

If you would like to donate to support our initiative, that would be awesome – be it £1 or £50! It all helps. If you can’t donate funds but would like to donate your time, please get in touch and we’d love to hear from you!

I’d like to donate!